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24 hours with couturier Stéphane Rolland

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Script video: 24 hours with couturier stéphane rollandhaute couture collectionautumn/winter 2021/22interview with stéphane rolland : hello, come in, follow me,welcome.here is the haven of peace.for the first time,stéphane rolland reveals himself a little moremeeting in biarritz, in his housewhere he likes to revitaliseby the ocean, where his filmfor his haute couture collection takes placeinterview with stéphane rolland : i'm in the basque country every two weeks, i recharge my batteries here,it makes me feel good.there is a very particular climate,but here, everything is authentic, strong, powerful.if there was a region in which i had to present,it would certainly be this one, because it representsthe strength that can be found in haute couture.a long time ago now, i was impressed bythe piano, that famous film, you must remember the poster, wherewe see this woman in black, in a crinoline,on this beach with the fog and a piano, alone.i was very moved by the way the film was shot and editedand also by the work on the light.and with toma jablon, the director of the film we put together,we worked on that light.and for this latest collectionwas inspired a lot by the mosaics of béatrice serre.béatrice is an artist that i find exceptional.and when i saw her work, i thought, i had to do something with herand i embroidered my dresses in minerals.i love to play with flaws, scars,opposites that attract, explosions.to see nieves in a splendid dress,wandering the beach,walk around likea surrealist character.for me, it was magic.the yellow dress you see in the picture isone of my favourite dresses.why is that? because there's this generosityalready in the volume, a dress that many women can wear.about 200 to 250 hours of work because everything is assembled by hand,all foldsare organ pipes and are assembled one by one by hand.then there was the embroidery work, which was quite substantial.all the marble stones were specially ordered,so, these are the stones cut for these models.it's an accompanying dress.c'est une robe qui accompagne.but not rigid.it allows you to shine while being yourself, revealing yourself.music issued from the fashion shows (only to be used in the context of the fashion shows, covered under the right to information)