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Insider -The 100% reversible collection by Victoria/Tomas (with interviews)

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Autumn/winter 2021/22 collectionan entirely reversible collection, which accentuates the two sides of each piece. a new, durable vision of fashion, that is based on consuming less but better, while having more! we go behind the scenes of the shooting of the victoria/tomas collection.victoria feldman & tomas berzinsinterview :during the first lockdown, we asked ourselves lots of questions, what is happening in the world? what needs to be changed? what is it that us, as the younger generation, can offer? because it is not just about creating clothes, nor about proposing a new sleeve shape, it’s a message. we told ourselves that we have the opportunity to relay things onto people, to inspire them to be more sustainable not just in the world of fashion, but in their daily lives and here, we came up with the idea of reversible overconsumption. we need to buy less, but not have less clothes.we work as a couple. it works on a creative level, because we can share, we can get into the clothing, with two different stories, it works between men and women.we worked in a smaller team compared to usual and there were delays with suppliers, factories etc. but we are young, very energetic, and we told ourselves that it is an experience, we will always find solutions and that it was destiny.certain pieces can be worn by women, by men: the sky is the limit!we found the name of the collection in english: cozyristic like futuristic, but cozy, because it’s the two together, the two different sides, the two different worlds. one present, futuristic side and the second, more relaxed side.we also took advantage of this new format of presentation because the last five seasons were in fashion show format. this season unfortunately, this is impossible, and it has been a while since we shot the video and the photos, so it is a digital show. we will see what it looks like at the end of the day, but it is a new experience we are very happy to be back with the teams, to feel that fashion wek energy, but unfortunately, we didn’t have it all last year.music issued from the film (only to be used in the context of milan fashion week, covered under the right to information)