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Insider - Ermanno Scervino, a mastered luxury (with interview)

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Interview ermanno scervino- autumn/winter 2021/22 collection:the approach is difficult in the midst of such a complicated period, but that equally helped me do something that was coherent with the period in question. the most important thing was to make a collection that could be shown, but which was also modest. in this difficult period, we cannot renounce beauty, but i have, however, renounced excessive glamour.i also introduced the concept of everyday life. everyday life and the search for beauty. to make a collection that is inherent with the present moment was a duty of the stylist.here i did things differently, for example sequins, but mixed with a jumper. i think that, for one more season, there will not be any social events so there was no point making clothes that had no use. my job therefore had been to create something beautiful, but without forgetting the period we are going through. something everyday, but different from the everyday life of last year.tomorrow will be another day and fashion has to make people think positively. if you buy a garment, it must make you feel good.at the moment, shops are more empty than full, but i hope that soon, that will change. i am certain of it. i hope that in six months we will all be smiling thinking about the future and forgetting what has happened.music issued from the film (only to be used in the context of milan fashion week, covered under the right to information)