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Insider - Antonio Marras, the Sardinian king (with interview)

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Autumn/winter 2021/22 collectionto present his new collection, antonio marras puts the spotlight on the archeological site of barumini where a video was shot with an almost entirely local cast and crew.antonio marras interviewit was a story, which starts from boccaccio, the story of this population of people who move, who are forced to travel because of a disease, an epidemic, and they seek a protective place, in the nuraghes. there are 5000 nuraghes in sardinia, which are constructions that retain magic and incredible atmospheres and energies.for this occasion, we focused attention on the clothes, the things, but we also used dreamlike images in the fashion show, which really are the history of the collection.we took back the traditions of the sardinian embroiderers who are incredible, with whom we worked on this project.this is the classic jacket, there are details that are typical of the sardinian jacket, there is one thing that is this wool, that is nuraghe, seen from a drone. the print of the collection is an old scarf that i found in my archives, an old sardinian scarf that i took back.we had worked with classic forms. we really worked to cut this classicism with strong colours like that, the socks too.in these difficult times, we try to do concrete things, real things, that everyone can wear. and we really tried to create a collection that is concrete and transversal.i have always loved cinema, it is my obsession, my passion, my dream, and i had my opportunity to do that, and i think that this is just the start.everyone was really, really, really happy to be part of this project. it shows in the video, i think.enjoy the video.music issued from the film (only to be used in the context of milan fashion week, covered under the right to information)