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Zadig & Voltaire Show- Women's collection Spring/Summer 2018 in New York (with interview)

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Designer : cecilia bönströmatmosphere: the french brand zadig & voltaire is invited to the heart of manhattan for a second show under the slogan “let love rule”. collection: a desire to mix vintage spirit with house classics. the leather creases, the tulle dresses and tops appear is if out of a trunk and allow the lingerie to be revealed. the mohair, tie-dye cardigan is worn oversized in a nonchalant way. military khaki is adorned with embroidery and jewelling. flowers are printed on large dresses whilst night dresses are paired perfectly with tailored trousers. to note: accessories such as the saddlebag branded with “love” as well as the sequined heels and trainers of varying colours. cecilia bönström :zadig&voltaire, we’re back in new york for fashion week. while i love paris and i’m proud of our place in france, we really feel at home here. the energy, the aesthetic, is really resonates with us, so i’m delighted to be here. the inspiration of the zadig woman is that she’s really cosmopolitan. she’s a nonchalant woman, a woman who loves freedom of expression and the freedom to dress how she wants. for me, this balance, this tension between french heritage and american energy is perfect. it started when i was in the attic and i found my grandfather’s old trunk and i found creased leather which is very us, and very faded colours and pastels, and then of course lace. so it’s a girl, again, very free, who likes to play with proportions, her grandfather’s jacket that’s too big … so that masculine/feminine contrast is again this freedom of summer. accessories have become more and more important in our collections. this look came from the idea of a trainer, but again, twisted. so the trainer is white canvas, but with a sequin inlay. sequins always make you think of a party but the trainer brings it back to something more street. and despite the long dresses, the lace and the sequins, i wanted the girl to feel comfortable. so the trainer is very important this year. music from the show (for use only in context of the show, under coverof the right to information).