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Party Outfit Trend: Men's special

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And what will the men be wearing to go out in? from cocktails to dinners, right up until evenings out to the clubs, there are a multiple propositions for him. here are the most “in” and most original pieces.the first favourite is the shirt. if the suit isn’t for you, dare with an explosive shirt. with ruffles, sparkles, colour, leather, and floral prints…there are no limits, even big polka dots, but only if they’re worn elegantly.next to go even further and for a surprise, dare with a printed suit. it’s about the second choice. not opting for the plain option but instead it’s all about images, with flowers and stripes.and yes, the stripes are becoming more and more chic, they bring the materials to life, they widen and we see only them, making the silhouette even cooler.just like the colours, the third option, that have never been so vibrant and strong, perfect for the evenings.let’s be clear, a party is always successful when it oozes elegance and in what better way than with a sublime tuxedo. the best: with satin lapels our crossed over jackets defining a new allure.and finally, last but certainly not least: the accessories. the bag also worn by the men and for the evening, the clutch seems ideal, offered in a multitude of versions by the designers. interviews: alexandre mattiussi: in paris, a little bit poetic, in the middle of the night, or even in the heart of winter, and the spots which are symbolic, a little bit out there, like falling snow worked in a variety of ways. kris van assche: to inspire me even more uniquely, embroidery over a mix of different stripes and also like mr. dior who created made to measure suits like on savile row.ennio capasa: i tried to experiment with new colour combinations like burgundy and purple or you know wine and red you know this kind of man but we forgot in a way. lucas ossendrijver: there were a series of suits with different contrasting silhouettes, we have suits with straight shoulders, volume that’s a bit boxy, on one side we have short jackets, a little bit fitted, on the other dropped shoulders with oversized volume, so it’s really this variety, this contrast of volume.musique libre de droit / bandit & nikit