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AMI - Menswear Autumn/Winter 2014/2015 Show in Paris (avec itw)

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Under falling snow in romantic paris set at the palais de tokyo, alexandre mattiussi, had sent out “real” and elegant men for his label ami. his signature was recognizable through the short jackets with big collars, his bomber jackets, his jacquard jumpers, and also his loose trousers. the director added polka dots (a reference symbolic of a snowflake) in different forms (printed, sewn, and knitted) and some suits were entirely in camel or red tones. it is about today’s wardrobe, based on essentials but with a certain french touch, which seduces you one more time…additionally, caroline de maigret, showed an elegant suit, announced on this occasion the next launch of a ready to wear line dedicated to woman... to follow.interview :alexandre mattiussi : what we are seeking to do at ami is to connect with reality, my reality in any case. my friends are not models, i live in paris and i have a normal life. i live between my apartment and my office, and between those spend my time in cafés, restaurants, at parties with good friends. so it’s an influence, the men which ultimately inspire me are the men who are around me.it’s someone who has charm, allure, certain elegance; it’s not just one type of guy. i think it’s important to say that the collection we have created is rather adaptable, and they work as well on a 20 year old guy as on a 60 year old man.it’s true that i have always dreamed of seeing girls dressed like boys, and it’s true that for the first time with caroline, the first official woman at ami, which we are very happy about, she wore men’s suit, a men’s shirt and men’s shoes. this is a truly easy look, and we already have lots of female customers, so it’s just saying to them that we know they exist.i saw paris as a poem in the middle of the night and in the middle of winter; it’s the polka dots which, abstractly, symbolize the falling snow. we have worked with the polka dot in lots of different ways, we have laser cut them on to leather shoes, knitted them in jacquard on to jumpers and weaved them into wool coats. so it’s just evoking the rhythm of the collection in a graphic way. music from the show