Global cotton consumption to reach record in 2018-19, says USDA

In China, cotton consumption is forecast to expand 4 per cent and reach 41.5 million bales in 2018-19, the largest since 2010-11, as investment in the textile industry continues and mills have access to local supplies from the national reserve. China’s mill use in 2018-19 may be further supported by a slower pace of yarn imports compared with recent years.

Similarly, India’s consumption in 2018-19 is expected to grow nearly 4 per cent to 25.2 million bales, a record if realised; the global demand for cotton textile and apparel products has supported the recent growth seen in India.
In Pakistan, cotton mill use is forecast at 10.5 million bales in 2018-19, slightly above a year earlier and the largest in 4 years, the report said.

Cotton mill use in Bangladesh is forecast to reach 7.8 million bales in 2018-19, up 500,000 bales or 7 per cent over 2017-18 as consumption hits new records annually.

Tremendous growth has also been noted in Vietnam, where 2018-19 mill use is expected to expand 12 per cent to a record 7.4 million bales, up 800,000 bales over the previous season.

Likewise, Turkey’s consumption is projected 200,000 bales or 3 per cent higher in 2018-19 to a record 7.4 million bales, USDA said.

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