Statement Dresses: Autumn Winter Trend 2017/18

The dress plays with well-established codes, all the while redefining femininity. It becomes an asset of comfort and elegance for next autumn-winter.The spirit of nature is never far away, and floral prints continue to be found on dresses, at the same time playing with country, urban, and chic vibes with ample cuts and a full sense of freedom. From flower power, we go to femme fatales. The lightness of a summer day dress leaves room for something slightly more sophisticated. Statement shoulders, plunging necklines, asymmetry as well as quirky ruffles and materials ... anything goes in terms of making the dress your new ally, synonymous with elegance and sensuality.Finally, glitter, rhinestones, sequins and lamé can be found all over next season’s dresses. Straight, fluid cuts and long sleeves are counterbalanced by shine and luminosity. Now more than ever, dare with unusual colours for a little pep in your step all the while illuminating the winter nights. Interviews:Jonny Johansson: We had fun but hopefully it’s not only fun it’s also beautiful and feminine, and you know, to go more into something that was more, you know, poetic in a sense.David Koma: I wanted to give the movement and light, but have the structure at the same time, so that’s why the pleating gives the graphic element, but then you have the fluidity and movement and it’s a beautiful moment when they walk.Music free of right: Bandit & Nikit

Copyright : Paris Modes Productions