Rick Owens Fashion Show - Menswear Spring/Summer Collection 2018 (with interview)

Designer: Rick OwensAtmosphere: In the forecourt in front of the Palais de Tokyo. An incredibly display created from very high scaffolding, on which the models walk before descending toward the fountain.A collection entitled ‘Saleté’, or ‘Dirtiness’, in response to the chaotic period in which the modern human lives.Collection: Shorts worn with tops made from rounded folds of fabric.Ample, loose jumpsuits, completely transparent trousers.Large high-wasted trousers coordinated with slashed Marcel style tops.Focus on: The jacket, this season’s key piece, worked in a large silhouette, with or without sleeves.To note: The plastic used with different materials in order to create new textures and forms.Interview Rick Owens:The parvise became available, and it really is my favourite spot in Paris. This, and of course, the Trocadéro, which is a reflection of it. But, it became available so, I just thought, ‘How do I invade it as much as possible’, and you know, a lot of it is affection. Putting up scaffolding against the wall without touching the wall, although it’s right next to it, and it’s almost caressing the interior curve of this building which is a very sexy thing.I like nudity, but I like modesty too. I like a certain amount of modesty. I like nudity in a very natural way, not in a very overly sexualised way.There are a lot of suits too, a lot of suit jackets, because the suit jacket is just a classic symbol of civilisation, which is something that I keep talking about, that I need to embrace more. I use a lot of plastic. I use plastic paint-coated canvases, because when we were doing this, I was thinking of tarps. All of the tarps that are put over semi-constructed buildings; they can be very beautiful. Music of the show (only to be used in the context of the show, protected by the right to information)

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